Our dentists are highly professional and patiently listen to clients complaint, history of illness before proceeding with the diagnosis and treatment. They are ever ready to answer the patients queries regarding the procedures etc.

Their wide experience and knowledge over the years helps them to render the best treatment to patients complete satisfaction.

Dr.Sanjeev Garg

Dr.Sanjeev Garg is the Medical Director of Axis Dental Clinic.He is highly experienced dentist. He completed his bachelors degree in dentistry from India. He excels in the field of orthodontics has done his fellowship from Barcelona. He has wide accredations in field of orthodontia .He is member of IOA. He excels in veneers and laminations.His love for art and creative imagination clearly shows during smile makeover procedures.He thus excels in cosmetic dentistry.

He has also done postgraduate diploma in implantology from Manipal University .He has special interest in implant prosthesis work. Having years of experience in the field of dentistry and sheer dedication, he has established a name for himself among our clients.

Orthodontics, implant prosthetics, smile makeover, endodontics, crowns and bridges, implant supported overdentures are his special fields of interest. He is ever willing to adopt the latest advancements and technologies in the field of dentistry. He himself is very innovative and creative.

Dr. Preeti Garg

Dr. Preeti Garg is the Managing Director of Axis Dental Clinic. She looks into all the aspects of running the clinics successfully. She completed her bachelor in Dental surgery from India. She did her post graduate training in implantology from Manipal university .She excels in field of dental surgeries and performs laser surgeries with equal proficiency. Cosmetic oral surgeries being her forte.She can handle any kind of impactions .She is a good speaker and has in past written articles based on dentistry for a magazine.

Impactions ,frenectomy,periodontal surgeries,Depigmentation cases,Root canal treatment,bone grafting,Implants,gum shaping,crown lengthening,flap surgeries.Laser surgeries to name a few.